Meet the team


In 2010 Skanska Infrastructure Services presented us with the award for best supply chain contractor. In making the award, Skanska took account not only of the projects which we had completed on their behalf but also the results of an assessment which they had made of our quality assurance, management, value for money, environmental issues and project delivery as well as our approach to health and safety.

This award typifies the approach which the Boon Building Services Ltd team takes to every one of its building projects. Our memberships of trade bodies and qualifications are listed below but these are merely paper reflections of the ethos of quality which runs through the Boon Building Services team.

Based on bringing strong family values to every aspect of our projects, the team strives to provide a highly qualified and professional service to all of our clients. This commitment to family and quality runs through our ethical approach to projects, our strong bias towards sustainable solutions as well as our work in the community.