This world, our world, the world we are creating for future generations, demands that we leave behind the throwaway society and create a meaningful legacy of which we can be justly proud.

For Boon Building Services Ltd, sustainability is more than just a buzz word; it is a way of life. Our waste management and ethical policy statements schedule some of the ways in which we strive to meet sustainable practices but our commitment to the planet on which we live goes far beyond mere statements.

Boon Building Services Ltd works with its clients to develop eco-friendly solutions to building challenges. We look to incorporate wood from renewable sources and make the most of natural resources in our build projects. Clients are encouraged to integrate green technologies such as solar panels or heat pumps to reduce the drain on mainstream energy generation and wherever possible projects are assessed using the BREEAM sustainability guidelines.

Our commitment to sustainability flows through our working practices, our attention to quality, the personal service which we provide to our clients and the ethical approach which we take to all of our business dealings. To quote from our Ethical Policy “Business practices which do not comply with our ethical principles have no place within our business affairs and will not be sustained.”